Ms.Shy Crown Bear Aroma Stone (Car Clip)

Applicable: Car, Bedroom, Toilet,Yoga,Office And So On Features: Fresh Air, Good Sleeping, Calm Emotions, Relieve Anxiety, Relieve Fatigue, And So On.

Why Aroma Diffusers? ✔️ Simple to use ✔️ Hassle free ✔️ No electricity, burner required (Safe!) ✔️ Constant and delicate aromatic diffusion ✔️ Eliminates bad odour ✔️ Eco-Friendly ✔️ Suitable for car, home, or even desk decorations!

Materials: Eco-Friendly Korea Imported Natural Crafting Powder.

How does it work (Aroma Diffuser)? - For first use, drip 4 to 5 drops of essential oil/perfume onto the diffuser and allow the aroma diffuser fully absorb the essential oil. - Display wherever you want it to be, and whenever you feel the scent is getting too light, drip another 2-3 drops on it will do!

Smell Period : 2~3 weeks (Varies according to space, temperature, and type of fragrance used)

As this is a fully 100% handmade product, the design, colour and shape may vary slightly. Do take this into account as exchange and refund is not possible for this reason.

Please Note: * Ornament Diffuser could be damaged when used too much strength eg. clipping onto your aircon vent. So please be gentle! * Due to the nature of the diffuser, some powder may be blown out or may get on your hands. It is harmless to human body without toxicity. * Do not rub your eyes or put them into your mouth if the powder comes in contact with your hands. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with running water. * Please keep out of reach of pets, infants and young children. * Depending on the usage environment, the duration of the fragrance may vary.

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