Sundays With Violet- Bathbomb

Bathbomb is compacted mixture of wet and dry ingredients moulded into several shapes and then dried.Bathbomb in general improves sleep, soothe acne, detoxing.

No matter your skin type, the good ingredients in bath bombs leave it silky, soft, and supple. Yes, it moisturizes and cleanses your skin, but the ingredients it contains will also soothe and pamper it. Enjoy your "Me Time", don't forget to self pampering is type of self care too. 

Size and Shape reference: 
Pudding (Large)
Double Tart (standard)
Love (Standard)
Donut (Medium)
Tart (Medium) - Maybe need two to utilise in the full tub
Micky (Mini)
Flower (Mini)
Paws with Neem Oil (Mini) - Pets friendly, 50% of the price will be donated to animal shelter
** please note that the MINI size is just nice for leg soaking 

Colour is random pick base on batches. 

Shelf life:
Within 1 year, but after six months, a bath bomb may begin to lose its fizz, or scent although it's still safe to use.

Method to use:
You can drop the bath bomb either while inside the bath or before you get in. Suggest to take a shower or rinse off afterwards 

Sundays With Violet
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Donut (Medium)
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Bathbomb in general improves sleep, soothe acne, detoxing.

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