[Daily Brew Fruit Tea] For Revitalizing & Youthful

Revitalizing & Youthful Fruit Tea: 

- Children-friendly, Muslim-friendly, Vegan-friendly

- Rich in anti-oxidant, low GI, helps to reduce cholesterol, heart-problems

- Refreshing beverage suitable during the hot weather

- Use real fruits, no-added sugar, gluten free

- Aromatic fruit tea

- 10 Sachets/ Box, 1 Serving/ Sachet

- Ingredients: Dragonfruit + Fuji Apple + Golden Pear (Real Fruits)

Dried fruit tea is also very popular in Korea, Japan and Taiwan as Detox Water, in which it can help to reduce constipation and cleanse our body. This is especially suitable for toddlers and children who has constipation or tends to drink less water. As we pre-treated our products prior to processing, its' skin is clean and safe for children and adults to consume when infused in water. 

Locally grown premium grade dragonfruit that uses organic fertiliser, grown with love and care. Dragonfruit naturally possessed high antioxidant activity, contains iron, high in beta-carotene and magnesium. Perfectly blend with Golden Pear and Fuji Apple, the aromatic flavor leaves you wanting more.

Golden Pear nourishes the lungs, contain anti-inflammatory properties & it is known to lower risk of heart disease. Fuji Apple is packed with nutritious goodies, which includes low GI & helps to reduce cholesterol. 

When the weather is hot and you want something cold & refreshing apart from your usual coffee & bubble tea, it is a good alternative to brew a pot of ice fruit tea to energise yourself while working from home. Enjoy the natural goodness of the fruit tea conveniently.

How to enjoy this:

1. Open a sachet of the fruit tea and put them into a pot/ cup

2. Add hot/ warm, brew for 5-10 minutes

3. Optional to add ice cubes for a refreshing chill drink

4. Enjoy (refillable)

*We do customise our products for doorgifts, events and parties as well. Do contact us should you be looking for something different and unique for the occasion.

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