Cashew butter by The Good Fat Company

Option1 - With Cane Sugar | Option2 - No Added Sugar

Naturally creamy, premium cashews slow roasted to golden perfection, then stone-ground into a decadent nut butter. Keep your cravings at bay with this vegan staple, cashew butter is packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants - essential for the metabolism of protein, fat, and carbohydrates at the cellular level. Not only will it boost your energy levels, it also improves your immune system and strengthens bones!

Benefits in a nutshell:

  • High in iron which helps blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body
  • Good source of Vitamin K, magnesium, zinc, selenium and copper
  • Protects the body against cell damage and free radicals
  • Rich in “heart-friendly” monounsaturated fatty acids i.e. oleic and palmitoleic acids

Serving suggestions:

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Karen Yeow
I opened it and I could immediately smell the aroma of roasted nuts.
I like the consistency not like some other nut butter which is too thick and difficult to scoop.
The taste is very nice.... the right amount of salt balanced out the slight sweetness of cashew!
Made some yummy Cashew Butter Smoothie!!...just add & blend banana, Greek yogurt, honey, spinach, some water/ice & the Cashew Butter. A nice post-workout drink! easy-peasy!
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