[Freshly Made] 100% Original Premium Dried Fruit Snacks 100g

We use premium fruits fresh from local farm with NO ADDED SUGAR, NO PRESERVATIVE, NO CHEMICAL. The Two Pineapples produce healthy snacks are natural, and hence, suitable for children, pregnant ladies/ postnatal women and  elders.

There are good energy snack for hunger relief when stuck in traffic jam, and a yummy munch to bring along during traveling/ outdoor activities. If you are weight conscious, this can be one of your options when comes to midnight snacking or to include in your pile of snacks at your work desk!

The Two Pineapples Dried Fruits: 

1. Pineapples (Signature)  

2. Dragonfruits (Signature)

3. Mango (Gaining Popularity) 

4. Fuji Apple 

5. Golden Pear 

6. Starfruits 

7. Guava 

8. Banana 

9. Pineapples with Pink Himalayan Salt

10. Pineapples (Spicy)

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A homegrown brand founded by two sisters who used to work in the food & healthcare ind...
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