Artisan Suds: NEEM OIL SOAP especially for sensitive skin (100g+/-)


ARTISAN SUDS luxurious handmade soap is made with premium grade oils and finest herbs that are rich in antioxidant, vitamins and nutrients that supports healthy skin. All soap are handmade in small batches using cold process method to ensure quality and retain the natural goodness of glycerin in the final product and it is eco-friendly & environmentally friendly. 

NEEM OIL SOAP - specially formulated for people with sensitive skin. 

Star ingredient is Neem oil, known to be used topically since ancient times for its medicinal properties to treat eczema, psoriasis and a wide range of skin ailments. Neem oil also contains high levels of Vitamin E, antioxidant, Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids that helps nourish skin, promote healing, relieve itching, soothe red irritated skin and repair skin.

Soap is enriched with Avocado oil for its ultra emollient properties. A natural bar made with super combination of Neem oil and Avocado oil to care for your sensitive skin.

If you have sensitive skin, do not hesitate to give this soap a try. It does a great job in cleaning, healing and nourishing your skin a same time. Many customer have feedbacked Neem oil soap helped cleared their ezcema & calmed skin inflammation breakouts. 

Note: As each individual skin is unique, recommend for people with sensitive skin to test soap in a small area of skin first (patch test). If in the unlikely event irritation persist or occurs, discontinue usage and seek doctors advise.

> Scent: No essential oils or fragrance oil added. Soap is left unscented to avoid possibility of triggering irritation or allergic reaction for people with sensitive skin.

> Suitable: For all skin type, especially sensitive skin, dry itchy inflamed skin, skin troubled by psoriasis or eczema.

> Usage: For hands, body and gentle enough for face too. Deep cleansing while moisturising. Ideal for daily use.

> Directions for use: Put soap into net bag, wet and rub to built lather. Use net bag as body scrub. Rinse well with water. Hang soap to dry in net bag after use. Keeping soap dry in between usage helps soap bar last longer. A full size 100g bar can last 4 weeks or more of daily use.

> Main ingredients: Olive oil, Coconut oil, Shea Butter, Organic Avocado oil, Castor oil, Neem oil, Sodium Hydroxide and Distilled Water. 

> Soap weight: 100g +/- (*comes with complimentary soap net bag)

Products are handmade, so colour and design may varies with each bar/batch.

✅ Cold process artisan handmade. Eco-friendly and environmentally friendly.

✅ 100% vegan oil and premium skin loving ingredients used. 

✅ Not drying to skin. Cleanse without harsh chemicals to strip skin dry instead it helps retain skin natural moisture. 

❌ Paraben free & Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) free.

❌ No harmful chemicals, fillers or preservatives in final product as commonly found in commercial soap.

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