Smaz Kit

Inside Smaz Kit:

*Stingless Bee Honey Face & Body Soap – This soap is kinda like ANTI- DRAMA to all skin issues especially those with sensitive skin as Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, Dryness, etc. We got many living proofs to show off.

*Aloe Green Tea Face Mask ( also could be your body mask)- Like my #sluvibabe say, it’s a holy grail! This mask, the 1 who made Sluvi famous. This mask creates magic on your skin by clearing any skin issues & at the same time gives you glow like a diamond.

*Lemon Coffee body Scrub – We believe we need to detox whatever negative vibe in & out of our body to get better skin. Believe me not, the aroma of this hybrid scrub already give you the mood of happiness. My bestselling body scrub refresh your body like a brand new. It hydrates, exfoliates, reduces breakouts all over body, fades stretchmarks & cellulite, brightens & anti-aging.

*Rice Face Mask – Made from local Huma Rice which loaded with vitamins, minerals & amino acids that are essential for anti-aging, hydrating, preventing acne & brighten the skin. Plus, it makes your skin shine & glow.

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Irene Lee
Now i am absolutely fall in love with Sluvi skincare product because my acne gets smaller and my face getting brighter. Wherever i go, I will bring Sluvi together and i have been giving full confidence to Sluvi products for my skincare. Sluvi product contains 100% organics which is safe for daily use. I recommended this product for those who is suffer from eczema, sensitive & problematic skin.
I am really inspired by sluvi works, since it is a social enterprise helping the farmers.
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Sluvi is a social enterprise which empower farmers by sourcing natural ingredients fro...
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