The Hive Waterproof Reusable Sanitary Pad (RBG): Washable, Economical

The feminine reusable pad by The Hive! Ideal for women with skin allergies or sensitive skin, and is a great alternative to disposable feminine protection. Reusable and breathable.  Made to last for years, you will be saving money and helping the environment. 


  • The inner layer: 100% premium quality microfabric with high permeability and absorbency. 
  • The outer layer: PUL waterproof shell. 
  • While the top layer and cover is made of microfleece and the waterproof layer made of TPU laminated fabric which is eco-friendly and anti-bacterial.


  • Liner: 19cm (± 1cm)
  • Regular: 21cm (± 1cm)
  • Ultra: 24cm (± 1cm)


  • Fold upper and lower part of the pad, fold sides of the pad and fasten buttons and keep in a pouch. (Refer to the picture for more clear instruction)


  • Wash with liquid soap before first-time use and let it dry. Once stained, rinse the pad thoroughly under running water (best to use eco friendly detergent), then place it in the washing machine, best to use eco-friendly detergent, cold or warm recommended. 
  • NOTE: Best to air dry. If using a dryer, low-temperature setting recommended.
  • CAUTION: Do not use fabric softener or bleach.

How often do I need to change the pads?
- Naturally, if your flow is heavy, you will have to change pads more frequently. If your flow is lighter, the longer you can take between changes.

How do I deal with pad changes when I’m on the go?
- You can fold them up into perfect little squares that you can pack away in your purse. You probably will want to carry a waterproof bag with you to keep the used pads, you can wash them at home.

What is the shelf life of The Hive Washable Pads?
- The pads can be used for the next 10 years depending on how well you take care of it.

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