AZPA Aroma Oil 20ml

AZPA Aroma Fragrance Oil 20ML comes in a glass bottle with dripper and golden rim.
Our specially tailored Aroma Fragrance Oil is suitable to be used on diffusers ( Flower/Rock ), electric diffuser & humidifiers, as well as a scent layering on top of our range of fragrance products. It is easy to carry anywhere you go as it comes with a AZPA custom made velvet pouch. 

Comes in 4 scents:
1) KYOTO ( White Tea & Bamboo )
2) PANAMA ( Bergamot, Ylang Ylang & Musk )
3) FLORENCE ( Gardenia & Ylang Ylang )
4) MOSCOW ( Redcurrant & White Oak )

Weight of liquid with the bottle is approximately 75g.

Ignoring safety instructions may lead to property damage, personal injury or fire hazard. Do not drink. Do not ingest. Keep it out of reach of children and pets. Handle with care and only with your hands as glass containers are fragile and oil may spill when the bottle is open. Ensure the bottle is upright before opening. Do not use if the bottle is cracked or chipped.

Do not use directly onto skin as body or facial producr. Do not drip into eyes or mouth. Place away from open flames and sources of heat (e.g. radiators, lightbulbs, TV’s).

How long will it last? Recommended to use within 1 year after opened in order to retain the best scent and product quality.

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