LOOSE INCENSE (resins & plant parts) mix – 30g

Incense has a long history of use in ceremonial practices (and perfumery) all around the world, especially in the form of resins. When burned, these resins emit a purifying smoke and aroma that energetically clears, cleanses and purifies the space. It also helps the mind to get into a deeper state of meditation - connecting us to our higher consciousness & spiritual realms while increasing the surrounding vibration.

This mix contains a combination of resins and plant parts (roots, leaves, flowers) that lend a wonderful synergy to purify your space (and make it smell good too!) Just heat up the charcoal tablets (or an electric incense burner if you have one), place the resins/plant parts on the charcoal tablet and you’re good to go!

What’s inside?

• Myrrh

• Frankincense (orange and hojari)

• Purple Rose

• Daisy Diamantia

• Patchouli

• Lemongrass

• Licorice Root

• Juniper Wood chips

• Ylang Ylang

•  Aloe Vera

• Allspice seeds

(Includes 5 charcoal tablets for multiple sessions)

These friends lovingly wish to help you cleanse and purify your space, and your spirit! Work with them as a team to clear out unwanted energy that doesn’t serve your higher purpose, followed by inviting in love and light to fill up your sacred space

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Em Mah
I have A LOT of fun with this incense mix - and not just because I like listening to the crackling of the charcoal incense discs. There's something very enjoyable about making your own incense blend from the resins and plant parts inside the mix - you burn what you feel like, and I enjoy the deep, golden sweetness of the permeating fragrance after! Just be sure to open a window!
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