5 Easy Ways To Spice Up Your New Year's Eve Canapes Recipes


If you're throwing a New Year's Eve party, you definitely need canapes! Recipes lie in abundance over the internet, but we've got the down low on little additions you can use to make delicious food easy, fast, and accessible! Here's how!

Toh's Daily Chilli Garlic Oil from The Honey Hearts

Add Some Spice

Words cannot describe just how much we love this Toh's Daily Chilli Garlic oil! Mix into your devilled egg mix, or fold some into fillings for your finger sandwiches; however you choose to utilise this delicious condiment, we have absolutely no doubt it'll jazz your snacks up in the most delicious way possible!

Pro tip: Grill or bake some chicken wings dusted with paprika, salt, and pepper, and serve glazed with this chilli garlic oil!

Cashew butter from The Good Fat Co

Swap Out The Biscuits

Go gluten free for your cracker and cheese platter with these delightful cashew butter biscuits! Not only will you be able to add some zest and spice into your uncommon New Year's Eve canapes; recipes like these also give your guests that much-loved feeling of being pampered as they walk into the house to the delightful fragrance of baking goods! For this, we love The Good Fat Co's stone ground cashew butter. Give it a try!

Pro tip: Use these crackers as bases for smoked salmon and cream cheese, feta and watermelon, olives, or even tomatoes with capers!

Tumboh Generous Granola - Chocolate and Cranberry pexels-cacijane-kendall-9778228.jpg?1637832355399

Make A Healthy (But Delicious) Granola Parfait

Everybody has a sweet tooth, and it deserves to be fed in celebration during New Year's Eve! Canapes recipes can get fiddly, but it's important to take charge of the prep work ahead of time so you can enjoy the party with all your guests - and not spend it slaving away in the kitchen. Make some parfait for dessert by layering together a mix of mascarpone cream, crushed biscuits, fruit slices, and crumbled granola! We LOVE the way Tumboh's chocolate and cranberry granola exudes Christmas vibes!

SoFood organic chia seed

Pudding For Days

Speaking of pudding, here's a fantastic one to try; a healthy chia seed pudding that tastes so good, your guests won't even figure out it's healthy! Simply stir together chia seeds, honey, matcha, and your favourite kind of milk. Pour into serving cups and leave to bloom in the fridge. Top with dusted matcha, sliced strawberries, and roses for extra aesthetic power, then whisk them luxuriously out to your guests to hearty applause!

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