6 More New Brands On Poptron: Batik, Wax Melts, Jewellery, Self Care, and More!


2021 may be coming to an end, but new brands lie ahead for you to try out on Poptron.co! Check out these fantastic new finds, from batik fashion and lifestyle brands to scented wax melts, beaded jewellery, and accessories to boot!

Kaseh Batik Kaftan Kurung Kalisa in Pink from The Batik Life

The Batik Life

With a wave of modern batik brands hitting Malaysian shores, traditional applications of this time-honoured fabric are still very much beloved! The Batik Life makes a wonderful show of it so you can dress your Gadis Melayu Terakhir vibes! The Batik Kaftan Kurung from The Batik Life isn't necessarily specific to special events; you can wear yours anywhere, any time!

Don't forget to check out the brand's cool-as-beans batik jacket, which is made using upcycled demin jeans! Throw one on your everyday outfit and you'll be the most envied trendsetter in town! Pair with some fantastic batik masks and various other accessories for the full batik experience!

Aime Moisturiser Dry Skin Healing Salve Aime Scented Floral Themed Candles

AIME BLP Beautecare

Founded on 2nd November 2018, AIMÉ Blp Beautecare has recently celebrated their third year anniversary, and are now on Poptron! Taking their cues from the French word AIMÉ, which stands for Love, the brand seeks to show more women the way to self love by using products devoid of artificial ingredients and harmful chemicals. Further pushing the narrative, the brand emphasises Beauty, Love, and Perfection - and shouts it out in their name!

With a fantastically juicy assortment of self care and beauty products available, the brand's repertoire of gorgeously-designed and packaged products include best selling lip products: De'MAGIC Treatment Lipbalm, Flowerjelly Lipbalm, and Natural Colour Lipsticks.

Nuvola Orange from Pici Jewelry Jellyfish from Pici Jewelry

Pici Jewelry

Everybody loves a brand new accessory, and we can understand why! Accessories have the power to transform an outfit, be it a simple on-the-go outfit, or an understated casual suit for the office. Check out Pici Jewelry, fresh on Poptron with an assortment of gorgeous beaded jewellery available and ready for sprucing up your fashion styles! Established in 2018 by founder Pici, the small-batch accessories brand emphasises uniqueness in her sculptural statement pieces. Her canvas: beads and wires, and her pieces: exceptional! Don't forget to check out her chokers!

Premium Roasted Almond Nugget (Dark Chocolate) from Chocolads


Food is life! It seems an impossible task to stray from chocolate, especially when you're on a diet and craving something sweet! Here's the good news: dark chocolate is actually really good for you! Filled with antioxidants with studies to suggest it is good for heart health, dark chocolate is absolutely a great snack to give you that much needed energy boost throughout the day. Chocolads' Premium Roasted Almond Nuggets combine dark chocolate with nuts - which means you'll be getting tons of good nutrients and a jolt of happiness to boot!

Nyala Starter Kit from Nyala Kraf Lilin

Nyala Kraf Lilin

Okay, we know it's bad to play with fire, but when it comes to home fragrances - candles are the way to go. Nyala Kraf Lilin takes it one step further with their assortment of scented wax melts, with 10 fragrances to choose from. If you're a beginner, the Nyala Starter Kit is absolutely perfect, and you'll be able to test out which scents you like and how the wax melts work for you. And if you're a candle person? Worry not! Nyala Kraf Lilin also has scented candles - available in 20 signature scents!

Wooden Climbing Ladder for Toddlers from Modle Play

Modle Play

Kids need to be active, and that's where Modle Play comes in! While it can be difficult to bring your kids to the playground in these times, it's still encouraging to know that they can run around in the comfort and safety of their homes - and we especially love this wooden climbing ladder for toddlers for some extra fun! Want to add on a slide? Modle Play has that, too! The climbing ladder can be adjusted for the appropriate height, and playmat friendly legs keep them from scratching up your cushions! It's playtime!

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