Accessorise Your Christmas Outfit For A Perfectly Fly Aesthetic: Fun Socks, Bowties, Earrings, And More!


Happy Holidays! The Christmas season has returned! Christmas trees are up, gift ideas are complete, and the best part: we are now allowed us to cross borders, which means family gatherings are a GO! Guys, don't forget that SOPs are still in play, so stay safe!

You can't call it a celebration if you don't include picture time. Because it only occurs once a year, the celebrations must be meaningful. Many people are excited about the very rare opportunity to spend time with family, and likewise, many others are also excited about outfits. We're not fashion experts, but we know you'll look great with these accessories.

Abel silver chain bracelet from Gung Jewellery 

Jewellery Is The Main Character

Your Christmas outfit will not pop without the right accessories! While the sizes and patterns represent one's preferences, it is also important to coordinate with your Christmas attire. Nonetheless, Christmas is the day for you all to look absolutely stunning - and so out come the jewels!

Minimalist accessories are popular, especially among the younger crowd. If you want to claim that energy, J By Jee and Gung Jewellery may both pique your interest. With gold and silver chains, as well as chunky earrings to choose from, you'll be able to build the chic it-girl look of your dreams. We also cannot ignore other favourites: Manique's handcrafted gemstones pieces and Pici Jewelry's artistic beaded styles will enhance your look.

Batik zigzag facemask from Darlin

Go Traditional With Your Accessories

Malaysia is rich in cultures that have survived to the present day. Check out Darlin' for some fantastic batik finds! With their vibrant Batik colours, you will definitely make a splash at any Christmas party you rock up to. Darlin's range of accessories include zigzag facemasks and knotted headbands.

Mabel love bracelet from Feithe Malaysia jewels from Summer Olive Collection summerolive2.jpeg?1638103610225

Glam Up For The Christmas Party

During the holidays, bright and funky accessories can really help jazz out a simple outfit! We might not be able to live the White Christmas life, but Summer Olive Collection's pieces more than echo the vibrant tropical colours of our climate! Glow up with their colourful polymer clay pieces, which are perfect for adding a glitzy touch to your outfits.

For those who want to get in some crystal healing, these Feithe pieces, made from semi-precious gemstones definitely belong on your shopping list! Each piece carries intent and powerful vibrations to help you live a happier life, which means they are perfect for the Christmas season!

Conc 39 Grey leather from Plain Supplies Pretied Mir bowtie silk brocade from The Gentlemen's Bar

Gentlemen's Choice For Christmas

Women aren't the only people dressing up this Christmas season! Men - up your accessory game this season - especially if you're going on a date with your significant other. The low-maintenance, high-reward look is the way to go. Finish off your smart casual styles with a bow tie or pocket square from The Gentleman's Bar.

If you're in the market for a new pair of socks, look no further than Hornbill Time and Wear! Batik for Christmas; that would certainly be an attention-grabbing look! And for an upscale, classy look, check out Plain Supplies' range of fantastic watches.

What's your one must-have accessory? Share with us in the comments below!

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