Another 5 Brands In Local Skincare: Malaysia Boleh Style!


Malaysians, listen up! If you're in search of local skincare, Malaysia has a vast, rich array of options for you to choose from! At Poptron, we're all about celebrating local microbrands, so t's time we gave them the credit they deserve! Here are five more of the best local skincare brands available on!

Monae Beauty Organic Skin Repair Ampoule - Local Skincare Malaysia - Best Local Skincare Brands

Beauty From Health: Monae Beauty

Among our best local skincare brands, Monae Beauty is founded by certified pharmacist Joanne Chung, whose ideals in skincare entail fusing beauty and wellness for the ultimate product. The Monae Beauty range incorporates organic and natural ingredients, which means you can now pamper and nourish your skin without laying on harmful chemicals that are damaging to your body! The Monae Beauty brand believes in "Beauty in Welllness", and holds that one cannot exist without the other. One of the brand's best sellers to date include an Organic Skin Repair Ampoule chock full of active ingredients to help your skin flourish.

Skin Cosmetics Heeler Stick - Local Skincare Malaysia - Best Local Skincare Brands  Skin Cosmetics Skin Sanitiser - Local Skincare Malaysia - Best Local Skincare Brands

Handcrafted Happiness: SKIN Cosmetics

We absolutely LOVE the products at SKIN Cosmetics! The brand's 100% natural skincare line is handcrafted in small batches, made free of toxic and synthetic ingredients. Their bases are composed predominantly of natural oils, with the founders ultimately wanting to provide affordable and natural skincare to the Malaysian community at large. The SKIN name is definitely one of the best in local skincare!

Purpose Skin Famous Trio Mini Bundle - Best Local Skincare Brands - Local Skincare Malaysia

Malaysia-Weather Appropriate: Purpose Skin

Appropriate for both men and women alike, Purpose Skin's products serve - you guessed it - purpose! With products like hydration on the go serums and all day multipurpose serums, this brand's products are certain to take you through rough, hot, sunny, and busy Malaysian days. The brand also emphasises providing their flexible all-gender skincare system while being kind to both your wallet and Mother Earth - all the while keeping you centred and grounded!

A&A Naturals Clarifying Facial Cleanser  A&A Naturals Arabica Coffee Scrub

Asian Treasures: A&A Naturals

We won't lie; if you have sensitive or fussy skin, it can be quite a task looking for appropriate, fitting local skincare. Malaysia, however, is a land blessed with ample amounts of raw ingredients that are readily available and great as a part of locals' skincare regimes! The founders of A&A Naturals are on a mission to showcase the importance of ingredients and how they can affect health and wellbeing as a whole. Their range of products emphasise the treasured benefits of Asian plants and herbs, all the while keeping costs low so that the end selling price is fair and affordable for their consumers.

Sluvi Rice Face Mask  Sluvi Aloe Green Tea Face Mask

Socially Sustainable: Sluvi

As a social enterprise, Sluvi's main calling lies in empowering farmers while providing natural skincare products that are safe for users with sensitive skin. Their recipes originate from Borneo; as do their ingredients, which they source from local farmers to help create a cycle of profit so that these farmers are able to earn a viable living wage. Sluvi's products are handmade, affordable, and impact society in a positive way, which means you're really doing good for the world as you do good for your skin!

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