At Home With Saint And Her Breath-taking Marble Look Resin Trays


The narrow studio where Saint of With Saint works on her art pieces exudes an artists’ warmth, inimitable for any who do not live and breathe their craft.

When we enter, we are immediately bathed in the beauty of one resin tray after the other, the crafter’s beautiful collection of works glinting in the warm, welcoming sunlight that streams through full-height windows. Dried flowers and an assortment of beautifully-styled trays adorn a wall; the other serves to bear materials carefully selected by Saint herself, the veritable beginnings of every single piece that is brought to life within that very space.

Saint, of With Saint invites us into her studio for a closer look at how the art is made!

Saint, of With Saint invites us into her studio for a closer look at how the art is made!

“I use a silicone mat to keep the stains off my table,” Saint tells us as she moves it away. Within her space, aesthetics hold the top spot, and it’s easy to see why. As a crafter, Saint’s works are immensely pleasing to the eye, with a myriad of designs from marble-look trays to gleaming golds accentuated with the warmth of wood and deep blue, ocean-like pigments. “You can interpret it in different ways,” She says, of the piece in question. “To me, it looks like mountains, but to others, it looks like ocean waves.”

Part of the beauty in resin pouring – and in fact in Saint’s work – is just how much is left up to interpretation. As an artist, Saint takes pleasure in creating her work, and recognising that the imperfections are viewed in an entirely different way from her customers’ perspectives. She shares that the imperfections in her art pieces often jump out at her – but that her customers are quick to perish the thought. “In my eyes, sometimes it is imperfect,” She shares, with a laugh. “But in their eyes, it’s really good.”

Emerald galaxy resin tray Red bloom resin tray

Each piece from With Saint is unique and cannot be recreated; this is due to the nature of resin pouring.

The crafter first encountered an acrylic form of pouring, though she soon grew to appreciate the glossy surface afforded of high-quality resin. With a dogged determination to produce pieces she could be proud of, Saint then embarked upon a mission to find the right products, and eventually arrived at high-quality, food-safe resin and deep coloured pigments that she could mix to get the colours just right.

“It gives me a very satisfying and soothing feeling. Art is something I work on when I’m stressed, when I need some me time,” She shares, reminiscing upon her brand’s humble beginnings. “That’s how I got into this thing.” Like so many other microbrands, hers is one founded upon the faith and belief of people surrounding her and the encouragement they provide. “I have a lot of support from my friends and family. They were the first to tell me that I can do it.”

Watching Saint mix, pour, and gently swirl the resin around the tray of choice is as soothing as it is mesmerising. For the seasoned crafter, each gentle tilt of the hand brings an artful mix to the patterns. “You’ll never get exactly the same pattern, so every piece is unique,” She tells us. There is something remarkably beautiful about watching the piece come alive in her hands, and she does so with so much ease that it’s impossible to discern that she is a self-taught artist.

Emm-Cute-2-scaled.jpeg?1630222552716 Emm's%20Art.jpg?1630222566296

Team Poptron's very first resin tray!

Under her guiding hand, we learn to mix, pour, and swirl our own piece, taking away lessons as she provides them.

Mix gently, so as to not create bubbles in the resin.
Use more white than black to emulate the grains of marble.
Be patient, and keep wet wipes handy for the inevitable resin stain.
Use a heat gun to smoothen out the streaks.

And while she does not explicitly name it, we learn this lesson anyway: Always enjoy the moment, because to create is to truly live.

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