Birthday Gift Ideas Your Scorpio Baes Will Love


Happy Birthday to all our Scorpio babies! These iconic water sign pinchers are known to be mysterious, deeply in tune with their emotions, and incredibly intuitive - and these birthday gift ideas will appeal to all those facets of your favourite Scorpio Baes! Want to know what your Scorpio bestie will love to receive? Here's a comprehensive list selected from the Scorpios of Poptron!

If you have a Scorpio in your life, you're no stranger to the intensity of the pincher. While their best qualities are often overlooked in favour of their more mysterious, edgy personality traits, it's also often acknowledged that these water sign natives are capable of great kindness and warmth - when they like and trust you. At their best, Scorpios are motivated, thoughtful, loyal, smart, shrewd, passionate, and bold.

And if you're shopping for a Scorpio Bae this Scorpio season, you'd do well to appeal to these sides with some fun, amazing, and thoughtful birthday gift ideas!

This Love & The Open Heart tumbled stone mix from Ready To Rock will show your Scorpio bae the way forward to letting love in!

Crystals To Satisfy Their Mysterious Tendencies

Ask anyone who has a Scorpio in their life, and they'll tell you that one of this iconic water sign's most prominent traits is their interest in all things mysterious, occult, and even witchy. That's why a great birthday gift idea for Scorpio is all things crystal! With the huge rise in interest for alternative and crystal-based healing, finding the right gemstone for them will be absolutely easy, and we've got just the right crystals and crystal sets that will blow their minds.

Feithe Mabel Communication Bracelet

Feithe's Mabel Communication bracelet combines the energies of aquamarine and amethyst to help one speak their truth in the best way possible!

  • Rose Quartz to help them open their hearts to unconditional love.
  • Smoky Quartz to help draw out the more negative aspects of their thoughts - and you know Scorpios are prone to overthinking!
  • Clear Quartz to help them cleanse negativity from their space, and to help release negative energy.
  • Tiger's Eye to bring them confidence!
  • Amazonite to encourage self expression and lots of self love.

LINA's La Luna pendant necklace will appeal to the intuitive Scorpio's lunar side. Show your Scorpio bae some love with Wasis' 24k gold plated Not To Scale cuff! 

Jewellery To Complete Their Stylish 'Fits

Scorpios are incredibly confident in their own skin, and that means they dress to kill! Complete their fantastic outfits with some simple, and yet stylish jewellery pieces; this water sign likes to make a statement, and their accessories should echo the same bold sentiment. Choose pieces that are made to last - eschew gaudiness for sophistication and style, and don't be afraid to throw in some crystal pieces to help your Scorpio Bae set their intentions!

These cat sockies from Ristic Apothecary are absolutely adorable. A Black hair clip for the cat lover!

All Things Cat, Just Because

This water sign loves all things occult, so don't be surprised if they're trying to start a cult! Jokes aside, your Scorpio friend probably enjoys staying in to decompress, safe in the company of their closest circle and those they love and trust - and this includes their pets! If they're anything like most water signs, they'll be huge fans of cats - and that means they'll absolutely love these cat socks from Ristic Apothecary!

The Tea Story's vast collection of teas are an amazing gift idea - especially for someone who loves to spill the tea!

A Beverage At All Times For Spilling The Tea

You can trust your Scorpio bestie to have your back at all times (they are known to be loyal to a fault), and that means they'll never hesitate to tell you the truth - even when it hurts. For days where you just have to sit together to spill all the tea, you'll need the actual beverage, and your Scorpio bestie will appreciate a supply of amazing coffee roasts, even as they roast your enemies with their sharp, stinging wit!

Aime's natural colour lipstick provides the perfect pop of colour to spruce up any black outfit! Vase Creation's Luxe All Natural Mandarin Orange Lip Gloss will give your Scorpio Bae the POWER to shine!

Bold Colour, Bold Lip

Expanding on the fact that Scorpios dress to slay like the queens that they are, might we suggest: A bold lip? For the Scorpio whose wardrobe comprises mostly of blacks, a bold pop of colour in makeup and accessories can truly make the look. Treat your Scorpio bestie to a tinted lip gloss, or something a shade or two bolder. They'll absolutely thank you for giving them a quick, easy, and fuss-free way to jazz up their favourite monochromatic outfits!

A gorgeous tropical pink watercolour print yoga mat from MOSS makes a perfect gift! Help your Scorpio friend get into the Balanced Zone with Elexia Naturals' Balance Essential Oil Blend!

Yoga Essentials For Meditation And Self Care Days

Scorpios absolutely love retreating into the comfort of their own spaces, and that means said spaces need to be on their A-game! There's nothing a Scorpio loves more than space to themselves - to meditate, to sit, to reflect on their thoughts, and to let their intuition truly shine. If your Scorpio bestie enjoys yoga and meditation, here's a fantastic birthday gift idea they'll absolutely love: yoga space essentials, from the perfect multi-use yoga mat to fragrances to put them in the mood for leaning into their feelings.

Oilees' hemp seed carrier oil makes for the perfect massage oil base! Hydrating Protein Face Pack from Organically Moi - A masterclass in self care!

Spa Essentials To Encourage A Sensuous Nature

This water sign is inherently sensual in nature, and they love to enjoy the finer things in life - like spa nights and massages. Whether they're giving themselves a well-deserved massage (where they can reach!) or a foot soak after a long, busy day kicking butt and taking names at work, your Scorpio bestie will definitely appreciate a care package filled with their favourite spa and me-time essentials!

Are you a Scorpio? What are your favourite things to receive as gifts? Let us know in the comments below, or let us know what horoscope you'd like birthday gift ideas for next! Also don't forget to follow us on our social channels for more fun content, tips, and stories on your favourite local brands!



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