Get To Know Cheer Up Store In 10 Questions


In the urban environments of our fast-paced world, it can be difficult to find reasons to smile. Thankfully, Yiwen of Cheer Up Store is here to change that! Get to know the delightfully colourful brand in 10 questions!

We have to know: Why did you name your business The Cheer Up Store?

I wanted to sell things that cheer people up! That's why I chose to name my store Cheer Up Store. Also, this name doesn’t limit what I sell, as long as they are in line with my purpose!

What inspired you to start The Cheer Up Store?

I didn't just start a business because I wanted to - I’ve always wanted to start a business that makes a positive impact on people’s lives. During the pandemic, I saw firsthand how people needed encouragement to keep them going. Sometimes, the littlest things can brighten up your day. Hence, The Cheer Up Store was created.


Yiwen provides customisation services for her products, which means anything you find pretty can and will be yours!

What is your favourite product from your shop and why?

My favourite “product” would be our customisation service! This is because I get to bring others' ideas to life, that I otherwise wouldn’t have thought of.

What challenges did you face when starting your brand and how did you overcome them?

One of my challenges would be relating my products to my brand message. Sometimes, it just seems like I’m selling pretty things. I'm still working on this!

What do you love most about running your own business on a day-to-day basis?

When people tell me that they really like my products, and that my products bring them joy!

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Cheer Up Store's products are daily household items - just made vibrant to brighten someone's day!

Tell us about your design process and the process of deciding what new product to offer!

Almost all my products are useful household items with added value from customisations or handmade enhancements. So my design process often starts with brainstorming how I can enhance existing things we use daily and turn them into masterpieces that are visually pleasing. Ultimately, the goal is to make something that will brighten someone's day!

What do you hope customers take away from their experience with your products?

I hope that my customers will feel warm and fuzzy every time they see their purchases from Cheer Up Store!


We're absolutely in love with the colourful offerings on display!

What’s the nicest thing that a customer has said about your products?

There was once a person who passed by my booth, looked at my products, and opened up about their journey in healing from depression after I told them the purpose of my brand. The person really liked what I was doing, and asked if they could commission me to draw a series of illustrations. The project didn’t end up happening, but we became friends. I think the experience itself speaks louder than the words we shared, but both are meaningful to me.

What’s your proudest moment and accomplishment as the founder of The Cheer Up Store? 

I felt proud and accomplished when I was invited to The Olive Tree’s first-ever zero-waste event, where I customised their glass bottles with my art.

What do you do to unwind and relax after a long day running your business?

I’ll always go for a cup of tea at the end of the day!

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