Get To Know Pyzis in 10 Questions


Arcadia of Pyzis gets on the hot seat this week and answers all our burning questions! Get to know the amazing brand in 10 questions!


Arcadia started Pyzis to prove to herself and others that there's more to life than just studies.

What does the name Pyzis mean?

It originated from the Greek name pyxis, which means box of treasure (normally for keeping jewelry). The Z in our name represents the German word “zeitgeist”, which was the trend of the time. So from our name, we hope you’ll get products that are treasured and are able to capture a current moment.

What inspired you to start Pyzis, and what sets the brand apart from other fashion brands?

I started Pyzis to prove to both myself and others that life is more than just about studying hard. There's not just one path in life that everyone has to follow.

This little business turned into a full-fledged fashion brand after I realised the market potential, and that we had loyal customers who wished to see and experience more from us.

I’d say we’re definitely more focused on sustainable production, and we're also more tech-friendly than your generic fashion brand.

How has the pandemic impacted Pyzis, and how have you had to adapt to face these challenges?

Apparel and accessories have an inherent social function, and we often wear them to go out, meet friends, and be presentable. These needs were changed or diminished during the pandemic. As a result, we’ve definitely had to adapt accordingly to what consumers wanted, and developed new products to suit their needs.

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Many of Pyzis' amazing products are made of repurposed landfill rescue fabric!

What is your approach to sustainable sourcing for materials, and how does this fit into the overall mission of Pyzis?

Quite a number of our products are made out of repurposed landfill rescue fabric, which prevents beautiful and otherwise unused overstock fabrics from just being thrown away. This definitely helps us to uphold sustainable practices of using what is existing, rather than opting to make new material that might create environmental impacts such as waterway pollution and over-usage of water.

What do you consider your biggest accomplishment so far, and what are your long-term goals?

In 2020/2021 we were honored to be awarded the SME500 award. It's a good benchmark for where the company has grown, and the improvements we've made in new markets and products over the time it has been in operation.

In the long run, I do see us continuing to establish a global presence outside of our existing markets. We also aim to include more sustainable practices in every aspect of our business.

What role does the local community play in the success of Pyzis, and how does the brand give back to the community?

We do employ a number of part-timers that are single mothers or senior citizens. They’re definitely good artisans and support staff! These groups have difficulty finding and maintaining a job that fits their schedule and physical ability. By helping them get some pocket money, we do hope that’s how we can help out a little too.

How do you stay up-to-date on the latest fashion trends and incorporate them into the brand's aesthetic?

We use a combination of basic business and sales analytics, and also some input from surveys for our research. The rest is a secret sauce but we try our best to make sure that our products aren't just trendy, and that they will remain timeless for our customers.

How do you stay true to your brand's values and mission, especially in a fast-paced and competitive industry like fashion?

It can get annoying that a competitor may get ahead via the evils of mass production, or that another one may gain a price advantage. We do have to accept that customers pick what they are comfortable with. Hence, we know that we’re attracting customers who share similar values with us.

How do you stay motivated and focused, especially when faced with setbacks or challenges?

I try to always look at the end goal and the rainbow behind the dark tunnel :)

Can you share any special or memorable moments that you have experienced with customers?

We had a pregnant customer who came into our pop-up store crying. Her distraught husband explained to us that she was heavily pregnant, couldn’t find any stretchy clothes, and was having a bad case of mood swings.
She stood in front of the mirror with one of our dresses, but the sales assistant noticed that she was berating herself for being ugly. Our distraught assistant was very determined to change her mind!

It was thankfully a slower weekday for us, so we were happy to help her search and try on items that could stretch and were comfortably loose to help accommodate her body and improve re-wearability. We also taught her how to choose easy-to-wear accessories, and really wanted to show her that everything is a matter of perspective - she is beautiful and wonderful in her own right!

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