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There are many different aspects that bring your home decor together, and some are more important than others. We've got you covered on tips for creating a space to suit your personal style!

Your home decor is one way of expressing your personality and style to the world. There are many different aspects that bring your home decor together, and some are more important than others. For instance: the colours you choose to paint your walls can make a huge impact on the overall feel of your space. Severe tones like white or black can make a room feel larger or smaller, while bright colours like red can make impart passionate, sensual vibes to your space. Yellows spark creativity, while cool tones like greens and blues can wreathe your home in peace, serenity, and calm.

White Plains' Bolia Bronca Vase makes a wonderful statement, and can easily be incorporated into any space regardless of your home decor aesthetic.

White Plains' Bolia Bronca Vase makes a wonderful statement, and can easily be incorporated into any space regardless of your home decor aesthetic.

There are many ways to add some life to your home decor. You could opt for a modern aesthetic with sleek furnishings and a minimalistic design standard, or you could go for a rustic country look with lots of natural materials like wood, stone, and metal. But styling your space isn’t always a huge undertaking; a large part of any aesthetic lies in home decor and accessories, all of which can be easily incorporated! The right accessory can make a room feel more welcoming and homey, while the wrong one can make it feel cold and sterile - or worse yet, completely wrong and out of style!

Whether your preference lies in a minimalist home with clean lines, a warm home with mid-century modern vibes, a coastal home with lots of natural materials, or a burst of colour in a home filled with abstract elements, we’ve got you covered. Here are some essential styling tips - as well as pieces we think will fit beautifully into the space of your dreams!

 White Plains' Woud S.A.C. Chair is a contemporary addition to any mid century modern space, with narrow legs that are fitting for the aesthetic. Mid Century Modern home decor has never looked better! Another hallmark of mid century modern home decor: the generous use of manmade and natural materials, brought together and further married with the use of rich autumn colours. The Pedrali Osaka metal lounge chair from White Plains perfectly encapsulates the look!

Inspirations for a Mid-Century Modern Style

Mid-century modern design is a style that was popular in the middle of the 20th century, and the term is typically used to refer to architecture, furniture, interior design and decorative arts. This design style is characterised by clean, uncluttered lines, open spaces, and lots of natural materials like wood and leather used in combination with manmade materials - vinyl, metal, and more.

Simplicity and a lack of ornamentation are both hallmarks of mid-century modern design, with a clear emphasis on functionality. The style’s design rules dictate that furnishings should be comfortable but not overstuffed, with an inimitable sleekness that radiates elegance.

Other key characteristics of mid-century home decor include:

  • Keep it simple - Less is more! Eschew ornate frills and go with simple geometric lines.
  • Be unabashedly retro.
  • Avoid clutter.
  • Combine materials like wood, metal, and fabric - oftentimes together!
  • Incorporate glass, vinyl, and metal.
  • Use colour to accent a predominantly neutral-hued space - autumn hues, earthy greens, ocean hues, deep clay reds, et cetera.

These rattan padi baskets from Studio C are crafted using all-natural materials, yet another hallmark of coastal home decor. Lasprecious Design's moonlight coastal lamp provides the perfect easy, breezy, seaside edge to any coastal-style home decor.

Inspirations for a Coastal Style

The coastal interior design style features a mix of traditional and coastal elements, and centres on the use of natural materials and neutral colours. It is often associated with the coastal regions of North America and Europe, but it can be applied anywhere - and we especially love it in Malaysia, where coastal towns are in abundance.

One will often find a mix of old and new pieces in coastal homes, which are typically decorated with seashells, driftwood, and other things ‘coastal objects’. Natural materials like wood, stone, or brick are famously utilised, while bright colours are avoided as they could veer very quickly into busy and cluttered territory. Home decor accessories for coastal homes should be simple and elegant with a focus on function over form.

Some design hallmarks of coastal homes include:

  • The use of nautical themes like stripes, sails, ships, and such.
  • The use of colours like blue, green, white, and brown to create an airy, cool atmosphere.
  • The use of natural materials like wood, sisal, sea glass, stone, linens, and et cetera.
  • Simple furniture that does not compete with the easy, relaxing decor and ambiance.

These resin vessels from White Plains are an immensely wonderful addition to any abstract space. This White Plains abstract sculpture is perfectly fitted for any abstract space in need of like home decor.

Inspirations for an Abstract Style

Abstract design style is a style that does not focus on the literal representation of objects. It is a design style that focuses on the form, lines, patterns, and colour in order to create an emotional response from the viewer; essentially, an abstract design is all about using your imagination and creativity to create something beautiful.

Abstract art in all the best ways! Parody Parlour's Wet Scream is both hilarious and a class act in minimalism.

Contrary to popular belief, an abstract home need not be chaotic or messy. Rather, the goal when it comes to creating an abstract aesthetic is to incorporate elements of asymmetry, pulled together with simplicity and balance.

Another masterwork in minimalism: Kulihart's Wooden phone stand, with its clean lines, makes the perfect spot to park your phone at home. The Prostoria Monk barstool from White Plains: A masterwork of minimalism, perfectly displaying the less-is-more aesthetic that is indicative of minimalism home decor.

Inspiration for a Minimalism Style

Minimalist design styles are easy to spot, but can be difficult to emulate. Popular across various fields of design, from interiors to fashion to architecture alike, minimalism makes its home in the idea that only the essentials are needed. In this vein of thought, minimalist designs prioritise function over form, though many designers have learnt to artfully combine the two, resulting in home decor designs that are structural, sometimes severe, and yet visually eye-catching by sheer merit of ingenuity.

In essence, a minimalist design is one that is stripped down to its very core function; minimalist home decor objects are very often crafted using exactly as much material that is needed, in a limited colour palette, and adhering to a simple form that eschews excessive ornamentation that is all pomp with little actual use. These designs can be cost-effective and eco-friendly, with many minimalist designers seeking perfection in their work.

Other hallmarks of minimalist design include:

  • The use of the bare essentials when it comes to materials and construction.
  • The generous use of white and black; monochromatic palettes.
  • Clean lines across architecture, furniture, and home decor designs.

In Closing

If the home is your sanctuary to protect and shield you from the harsh realities of modern life, it makes sense that you decorate it in ways that please you! While big changes and full overhauls can run high in the cost department, smaller swaps and changes in decorations and furniture pieces are easier to achieve, providing the aesthetic of your dreams with ease. Give it a try and tell us how it goes in the comments below!

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