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How Accessories Can Change Your Entire Look: From Bow Ties to Sunglasses And Watches


Hands up, fashion forward gentlemen! If your wardrobe has been starting to look a little drab and bland as of late, we've got some fresh new ideas you can use to rejuvenate your look and style. From men's watches to bracelets, bow ties, sunglasses, and hats, there's nothing a well-selected and well-placed accessory won't do for your look. Here's how!

M90 Silver 39 from Plain Supplies

Add A Hint Of Luxe With A Men's Watch

Here's something that has remained true for decades and decades: A well-made and well-designed timepiece will always be, pun intended, timeless. Men's watches are among one of the easiest ways to dress up a look; maintain several different styles to be worn for different occasions, saving the sleek leather beauties for smart casual occasions and the sterling silver pieces for strictly formal, black tie events. Even the simplest of looks can be dressed up with the correct watch, so don't forget to make room for one in your repertoire of men's accessories!

The Hornbill Reversible Bucket Hat - Black from Hornbill Time And Wear Vitamin Sea Bucket Hat from Topitin

Casual Chic With Hats Galore

There's a reason the Mad Hatter was always employed in Underland, and that's because hats are absolutely one of the best ways for dressing up a look! While a top hat may be overkill by just a little bit, we're absolutely loving these reversible batik bucket hats from Hornbill Time And Wear! Not only are you getting two hats for the price of one, you'll also be able to show your love of Malaysian batik while dressing up your dapper smart casual styles. Bucket hat and blazer? Yes, please!


A Bow Tie To Serve Looks

Unbuttoned collars and relaxed slim cut blazers may be great for smart casual events, but when it comes to formal occasions, a bow tie or regular tie made of Japanese silk brocade is non-negotiable. Enter The Gentlemen's Bar and their fantastic assortment of formal accessories. Find the perfect colour with which to zest up your suit, and step into the event knowing you'll be the most dapper of them all!

Abelino Sunglasses from Projet1816 Aloys Sunglasses from Projet1826

No Shade, But All The Sunglasses

Step aside, Horatio Caine! These fantastic sunglasses from Projet1826 are just what every modern man needs in their repertoire of men's accessories! This is particular pertinent, considering the amount of sunshine we get on a daily basis; and really, even if the sun is in hiding, there's nothing to say you can't rock the casual denim-and-leather combo with a sleek new pair of eyewear. No tea, no shade, but definitely get all the sunglasses.

Blue Stripe Anchor Bracelet from J. By Jee

Men's Bracelets For All Occasions

There's something inherently simplistic and yet stylish about wristwear on a man in smart casual dress - something intrinsically recalling the rocker chic aesthetic with spunk and class. These onyx bead bracelets from J. By Jee are perfect for stacking upon the wrist of the modern gentleman, and make fantastic accessories for casual rolled sleeves and jeans. Don't believe us? Give it a try!

What are your favourite accessories? Share with us in the comments below!

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