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It's Full Of Secrets! Curly Hair Products For Styling Big!


Some might think that curly hair is difficult to maintain and style - and we won't lie. It can be, if no action is taken to smooth out the hair care process with curly hair products! Straighteners? No, thank you! We're big fans of curly hair over here.

Curly, textured hair is a dominant gene trait. And while straight hair may have been viewed as 'superior' in the bygone years, we think it's time to celebrate natural hair - curly, wavy, straight, or otherwise. With the right hair treatment and hair care, you'll be able to showcase your curls proudly! Here's where you can start.


Say Goodbye To Itchy Scalps With The Right Scalp Treatment

While it is incredibly important to keep your hair strong and nourished, the scalp deserves similar treatment! With proper hair treatments and a scalp treatment mask from MIES haircare, you'll be able to kill two birds with one stone. Those with thicker hair may run the risk of a greasy scalp, which in turn can become unhealthy if left to its own devices.

This mask, however, helps with exfoliating dead skin cells, leaving only healthy skin and even happier hair follicles! Enriched with virgin coconut oil, peppermint, and avocado, the treatment can easily be done in the comfort of your own home. With long use, you'll see improved hair and scalp health, look great, and feel even better!

Coco Onya Twirl Me Curl Cream from Coco Onya

Twirl Like A Princess

Whether you're a student or a working woman, your hair and crowning glory is an essential part of looking and feeling good! When your back is up against the wall and you're pressed for time before work, it pays off to plan in advance, finding ways to style with ease and speed!

Say goodbye to the horrors of unstyled hair with Coco Onya's easy-to-use Twirl Me Curl Cream! All you have to do is simply apply after washing, and say goodbye to messy and damaged locks. Specially formulated to turn a messy tangle of hair into flowing, Rapunzel-worthy locks, this cream will make all your perfect curly hair dreams come true! Plus point: It smells FANTASTIC.


Start A Proper Hair Care Routine

Here's a fun little fact! You can be your very own hairstylist! If you've been finding it difficult to maintain your headful of curls, worry not - all it takes is a little bit of extra effort and a hair care routine that's suitable for you! Start by identifying the specific hair issues you face, and researching the appropriate products to help improve the situation. Whether you're dealing with hair loss or damaged hair, The Flair and Natural Co has proper solutions!

Iikal Gemia Scalp Scrub from Iikal

Start from Scratch!

How important is exfoliating dead skin cells from your scalp? It may come as a shock to some, but your scalp needs exfoliation to promote healthy hair growth! The right scrub will remove product buildup, dirt, excess oil, and dead skin cells, which paves the way to healthy follicles. The more you know!

Scrubs are an especially important part of hair care for those who wear hijabs! There are specific hair care routines crafted for hijabs, tailor-made to help with itchy scalps and dehydration. Your healthy scalp check should definitely include this Gemia Scalp Scrub from iikal! Made with all-natural ingredients like rock salt, peppermint, rosebud, and coconut oil, it's suitable for use on all types of hair! For best results, follow up with a nourishing conditioner for that added hydration boost!

Your hair is a very important asset! Say goodbye to bad hair days forever. Stay comfortable, happy, and confident in your own skin!

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