It's Time For A Healthy Snack: Halloween Ideas For Healthier Trick Or Treating


We may not celebrate Halloween the conventional way here in Malaysia, but there's nothing to stop you from filling yours kids up on healthy snacks in lieu of overly-sweet, high-calorie junk food! Even if you're not planning on trick or treating this year, it's great to have some fun halloween ideas - just so you can keep the kids entertained and happily fed on some delicious treats. Check out these great healthy snacking ideas!

Almond Butter by the Good Fat Company - healthy snack, snack, healthy food, halloween ideas Superior class honey from The Honey Hearts - healthy snack, snack, healthy food, halloween ideas

This Gooey Chocolate Brownie Makes For An Excellent Healthy Snack

We challenge you to find a healthy snack that's tastier than this amazingly gooey chocolate brownie. Filled with the goodness of almond butter (or any nut butter of your choice), this delectable treat is enriched with high-quality honey, rich cocoa, vanilla, and coconut oil. As far as excellent Halloween ideas go, this one literally takes the cake.

MIXED FRUIT NIBBS 100G (HEALTHY PLANT-BASED SNACKS) from Nourish and Nibbs - healthy snack, snack, healthy food, halloween ideas

Dehydrated Fruit Nibbs That Packs A Punch In Flavour

Let's get one thing straight - even if these delicious, bright, and colourful fruit nibbs weren't such amazing and conveniently healthy snacks for trick or treating, they would still way rank up there for giving us a healthy sugar rush. The perfect option for healthy snacking on the go, these gorgeous dehydrated fruit nibbs are also great for adding into children's lunchboxes and snack bags!

COCOVA - CURIOUS 68% DARK SINGLE ORIGIN CHOCOLATE BUTTONS 150G from Cocova - healthy snack, snack, healthy food, halloween ideas

Chocolate And The Holy Grail of Healthy Snacks

Contrary to popular belief, chocolate is actually good for you! Research has unearthed evidence that dark chocolate (sans sugar) actually has heart healthy benefits and lots of antioxidants, which means they're a very good snack when moderately applied to face! To make it even more of a healthy snack, melt some high quality dark chocolate down with a little bit of honey, then use that to cover fresh apples for a wholly healthy snack!

Tumboh Generous Granola - Chocolate and Cranberry from Tumboh - healthy snack, snack, healthy food, halloween ideas Almond raisin granola from HealthySu Kitchen - healthy snack, snack, healthy food, halloween ideas

Great Granolas And Tea-Licious Baked Goods

While perfectly good as healthy snack options on their own, those inclined towards the culinary arts can easily take granola and tea, and turn them into amazing baked goods - think granola topped muffins, tea-scented madeleines, and such.

Gluten free cookies - dark chocolate from Seven Tea One - healthy snack, snack, healthy food, halloween ideas

Cookies Are Better Than Candy

Candy's great, but cookies are even better - and great any time of day! We're especially fond of gluten-free, healthier alternatives to the sugary options widely available in the marketplace today. In fact, we absolutely insist you try these amazing dark chocolate nibbles from Seven Tea One! Pack some into your kid's lunchbox, or into individual bags for the trick or treaters when they come around. Don't forget to save some for yourself - they're addictive, delicious advocates for healthy snacking!

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