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Personal Care For Men? Here's Our Ultimate Beard Care Routine from Beard.On!


When it comes to personal care for men (and high-quality beard care products for the modern man), Beard.On has it down pat! We speak to Beard.On founder Jeremy to hear the story of the brand's origins - and also pick his brain for beard and moustache care! We also learn more about how Beard.On's products fit into the every day skin care routine for men!

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The Beard.On Beginnings

It was a comment on his beard that started it all, as Jeremy, Founder of Beard.On, shares with us at Poptron. It's a riveting tale that has us on the edge of our seats - a love story for the ages that perfectly illustrates the way it should be between a man and his beard.

Jeremy, Founder of Beard.On - Beard Care Routine For Men - Skin Care Routine For Men - Personal Care For Men - Beard and Moustache

Founder of Beard.On, Jeremy, in full zen mode.

In his earlier days, Jeremy (the keen owner of a majestic beard and the hero of this story!) had only used the finest grooming products from the USA, And while he nurtured an idea, it was his banking job that took precedence. As fate would have it, the day would come where he was made to choose between his beard and his job, with his then-superior insisting the magnificent mane was 'not professional'.

As the dapper bearded gentleman tells us, that singular comment served as the impetus for kickstarting his current business; his 'eureka' moment for striking gold. He quit his job almost immediately and went straight to work bringing his idea to life.

Lo and behold, Beard.On was born!

Inspiration comes in many forms, and most of the time, it arrives when you least expect it.

The brand's creation could not have come at a better time. Jeremy believes that interest in beards is growing day by day, and we're convinced! With more and more gents rocking fine facial covers, the market demand for high-quality products for Malaysians' beard care routines is growing at a steady pace. "Even though the acceptance of beards in our culture is not equivalent to that of Western cultures, we can see it's slowly growing," Jeremy shares, alluding to the beard and moustache craze of today. Then, he adds: "Have you noticed that there are a lot more bearded men in Korean shows now?"

A beard is the ultimate style statement: They stand out. Not every beard is creating alike, so even among bearded men, you can still stand out. That's how unique it is.

Beard.On's products take beard care routines to the next level, and are made using only the highest quality natural ingredients. "We do not use any artificial preservatives or even artificial fragrance," Jeremy tells us. "Yet, we ensure our products are way more effective than those of other commercialised brands." For Beard.On, personal care for men is a matter of significant importance, and goes far beyond plain ol' hair gel and store brand cologne. It's a matter of keeping it simple and keeping it manly.

"First of all, just have patience. Let the beard grow and have a consistent beard grooming habit. Having a healthy lifestyle is important for beard growth, too. Eat well, exercise, and manage your stress too!" - Jeremy shares his beard-growing tips

Taking On Personal Care For Men

With an uptick in inclusiveness where self care is concerned, personal care and skin care for men are both trending topics today. Jeremy shares, "There is some kind of stigma around men taking care of themselves," And it's true; society frequently makes fun of men who take time to dress and style, but the truth of the matter is that personal care knows no gender. "If you compare ten years ago to now, things are more acceptable now in our society," Jeremy adds, as a positive note. "I believe time will take its course and slowly this stigma will go away. No need to rush!"

Beard.On All Natural Beard Oil  Beard.On Beard And Face Charcoal Soap

The brand's best selling product is their All Natural Beard Oil. As Jeremy shares: "It's our first baby and it's still the best seller in our stores. It's a product for beginners and experts; they just love it."

Beard.On has launched their new brand, Apothecary 1986. As Jeremy tells it: We're going to focus on everything not of beard here! We're looking forward to even more personal care choices for men!

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