Scented Candles And Their Place In Your Home (That Is To Say, Everywhere)


In the mood for a small, easy home makeover? Scented candles are a great way to add a little something extra to your house, and they aren’t just for the holidays! Scented candles can help you to create the ambiance you want, easily helping your space to feel more like home. The fragrance of a candle can transport you back to another place and time, or it can simply create an atmosphere that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Scented candles also have other benefits beyond simply improving the mood and vibe of your home. They can help improve your mental health as well as your overall well-being by helping you to sleep better at night, creating a more relaxing atmosphere during stressful times, and providing therapeutic aromatherapy benefits when used correctly.

Read on if you want to learn more about how scented candles can improve your home and mood!

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How Scented Candles Can Improve Your Overall Mood At Home

How can scented candles improve the mood of your home? Firstly, scented candles have the innate ability to instantly change up the olfactory scene in any space, which means they can easily do the same for your mood. Scientifically, some scents are known to help alter states of mind; citrus, for example, is known to uplift and energise the spirits, whilst lavender and rose are both prime examples of relaxing aromatherapy fragrances frequently used to lull one into the safety and comfort of sleep.

  • Use a citrusy scent like lemon, bergamot, or sweet orange to improve your concentration when you're having a busy day at work. The sprightly fragrance can also help to quell anxiety and anger, and has the ability to combat colds and sore throats by improving your body's immune system.
  • Use a peppery fragrance like peppermint, spearmint, tea tree, or eucalyptus to energise your mind and relieve fatigue and tiredness. As an added bonus, eucalyptus essential oil can even help with a stuffy nose when used as part of steam inhalation process.
  • Use floral fragrances like lavender, jasmine, clary sage, ylang ylang, rose, and geranium to ease your emotions and mental state into one of calmness and relaxation. Best used before bedtime!

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Fragrance And Its Purpose In The Home Sphere

While a pleasant-smelling home isn't, by all means, a necessity most days, it can be particularly helpful if you live in the city, and are unable to open your windows for fear of letting in the smog. In these times, a home fragrance solution, be it in the form of scented candles, diffusers, or essential oils can be a literal godsend. Here are some rather key places you should incorporate a scented candle or two.

  • For obvious reasons, a scented candle in the bathroom works wonders.
  • Keep a scented candle in the bedroom, particularly one with a scent you find soothing. Keep it lit long enough to impart that fragrance into your space before you sleep, and you'll be drifting off to sweet dreams!
  • Keep a scented candle in the study, or any space in which you need to focus. This will help to improve your concentration, as well as diminish any unpleasant smells that can distract you from your tasks.
  • A scented candle is a great addition for clarity and focus when placed in the room where you do yoga or meditate!


Aesthetics are the perfect balm for long and tiring days.

They Provide Ambient Lighting For Moments Of Relaxation

Ambient lighting is always a great way to go when you're trying to evoke a specific feel, or emulate a specific look at home. While dimmers and soft uplighting are both great ideas, having a scented candle around, with its soothing, almost mesmerising flickering, can work wonders to calm the mind and spirit. Plus point: It'll also smell really good - something no uplighter can do!

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They Make Great Decorative Touches

One of the best parts about scented candles is the vessels they come in. Spooky season candles come in pumpkin pots, whilst Christmas candles are often poured into beautiful, glittering seasonal vessels. Even after the candle has burned the full length of its time, the vessel can be cleaned up and used as a decorative piece - or even as storage solutions! Just be sure to clean them out properly to ensure all the residue has been removed.

How To Clean A Used Candle Jar

Pour boiling water into the used candle vessel. This will melt the wax. Leave to cool; the wax will rise to the top and harden once it cools. Remove it, repeat as needed, and rinse out the jar before using it for your intended purpose!

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