Sleep Like Royalty: Tips To Improve Symptoms of Sleep Apnea and Insomnia


Do you find yourself plagued by lethargy and fatigue even after a long night’s rest? We've got some tips and recommendations for you, all perfect for helping you to improve your sleeping quality in no time!

Many research endeavours have shown that sleep is just as important to our health as having a balanced diet and exercising. Lacking a good night’s sleep can also lead to insomnia, hormone imbalance, low brain efficiency, as well as weight gain. Yet, most of us still struggle to obtain the sleep we need. Though longer hours spent on hobbies can seem very tempting, we think nothing can beat a good night's sleep when it comes to allowing your body some quality time-off!

Getting the quality sleep we need can sometimes feel impossible with our daily slew of work-related worries, homework, and other worldly stresses. But with proper care and experimenting with these tips, you’ll be able to control the quality of your sleep whenever you get some shut eye!

Tip #1: Aromatherapy Candles and Essential Oils 

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Aromatherapy has always played a huge role in medicinal treatment. Our ancestors used herbs and plants to extract aromatic essences which are proven to enhance physical and emotional health. In a more conventional era, businesses have adapted the concept of aromatherapy. What comes to mind are essential oils and candles that serve the same purposes, simultaneously calming the mind and body. To reduce insomnia and sleep apnea symptoms, the most well-known aromatherapy treatment comes in the form of lavender. A number of studies have shown inhaling lavender essential oil to be an effective insomnia treatment, promoting sleep and quality rest.

Tip #2: Manage Exposure to Light 

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Have you ever heard of Melatonin? Melatonin is a hormone that is controlled by the light exposure we receive, which affects our natural body clock. In simple terms, the more light we receive, the less melatonin is secreted, causing us to be more alert. Accordingly, as we control and limit light exposure (especially during our sleeping hours), we are able to increase melatonin, and thusly promote quality sleep. These candle holders from Ready to Rock are excellent for helping you set a soothing, calming ambience for all your pre-bed procedures.

Tip #3: Getting Comfy and Winding Down


Get a good night's sleep with temperature-appropriate bedding!

Although it may seem like a trivial matter, good linens and pillows (we love these fantastic, neck-support pillows from Selesa) do in fact contribute a lot to our quality of sleep. Choosing pillows that don't suit your sleep style often leads to neck and back pains. On that account, pillow experts usually take your height and sleeping habits into consideration when recommending the best pillows for you. This also applies to the bedding and linens we use. At night, the body releases heat to reach its core temperature, which signals the body to rest. It is of utmost importance that the sheets we use do not trap the heat released - and this leads to a more comfortable sleep. 

We hope these tips and recommendations will improve your sleeping schedule and overall quality. Incorporate them into your lives and you’ll wake up feeling much more revitalised and ready for your daily life routine! 

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Excellent tips on aromatherapy oils! favourite pick is Lavendar oil to wind down after a stressful day & Lemongrass for that fresh pick-me-up throughout the day!

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