The Christmas Dinner Table: Table Setting Ideas For Your Seasonal Home Decor Needs


With the holiday season upon us and the prospect of Christmas dinner with family and friends at the forefront, a few well-placed table setting ideas are much needed! If you've been on the hunt for some home decor tips for the Christmas dinner table, check out our list of decorating tips to follow!

Nyala Signature Scent Candle from Nyala Kraf Lilin GET JIGGY 210G | FIG + COCONUT + CEDARWOOD | SCENTED SOY CANDLE from Skynsin

Candles And Community

There's a reason candles are the mainstay of any elevated dinner party set up - and even more so when it's a part of a Christmas dinner table! The perfect additions for blanketing your space in a warm and welcoming glow, the ambience of any dining space is instantly elevated when you light a candle - or three. The gentle flickering flames will provide softly-diffused light, allowing you and your guests to dine in an elegant quietude! We absolutely love this Get Jiggy candle from SkynSin, with its fig, coconut, and cedarwood fragrance for that sprinkle of seasonal cheer. Don't forget to also check out these signature scent candles from Nyala Kraf Lilin!

Pro tip: Choose candles with natural fragrances that will complement your dishes for the night! They might not be edible, but can still add to the olfactory senses of a grand, well-prepared meal!

Handmade macrame coaster from The Cheer Up Store 100% Upcycled Cup Coaster from The Sea Monkey Project

Coasting Along With Coasters

Whether you've got a glass top table or a full wood table, protecting its surface is of utmost importance! Be sure you keep it free from glass stains and condensation by providing your guests with plenty of coasters. We absolutely love these hand-made macrame coasters from The Cheer Up Store for a rustic chic look - or these upcycled coasters from The Sea Monkey Project for a burst of colour!

RED BLOOM RESIN TRAY from With Saint 3-in-1 Bamboo Basket Set from Studio C

Layer On The Decorations

As with fashion and various other aspects of life and style, layering on decorations is not a new concept in home decor and table setting ideas. At the Christmas dinner table, it makes perfect sense to pepper on the layers - pun 100% intended. This means you should feel free to add trays into the line up of decorations for your dining table and play them off against other different surfaces like plates and platters. Use them to hold dishes, fruit, snacks, sides, drinks, utensils, napkins, or various other accessories.

How about this gorgeous food-safe Red Bloom resin tray from With Saint for holding a neat pile of napkins? We're also absolutely loving these hand-woven baskets and rattan woven trays from Studio C - all perfect for piling seasonal, Christmassy fruit like clementines, plums, and apples into!

Batik gift set from Asian Sparks Handmade batik patchwork table runner from Zahra's Suitcase

Get In On The Table Runners

Create a sense of continuity whilst protecting your table by adding table runners to your Christmas dinner table set up! Try jazzing it up with some modern batik brands in tow - how about incorporating a batik table runner from Asian Sparks, or this handmade batik patchwork table runner from Zahra's suitcase? No matter your aesthetics for Christmas, the vibrance of batik will almost always be well-received - especially given their local flavours!

What's your Christmas dinner table going to look like, and what's on the menu? Share with us in the comments below!

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