This Is How Much Food Malaysia Is Wasting


It's unfortunate, but for many of us, food waste has became an unconscious habit. Think back to the countless unnecessary buys we're all guilty of making during grocery shopping trips, the fruits that go wasted while they sit out on the dining table, and the huge portions of food from buffets that end up being ‘too much’ when we start to fill up. It's enough to make our heads spin!

According to the Solid Waste Management and Public Cleansing Corporation (SWCorp), as of early 2021, Malaysia is wasting about 7 Olympic-sized swimming pools of food on a daily basis. Aside from unavoidable food waste like bones and egg shells, 4,080 tonnes was edible food waste, and could have provided three meals daily to 3 million people - and that’s only in Malaysia. Imagine the numbers we'd find going through every country on Earth!

In a world of consumerism with millions going hungry every day, mitigating food waste is essential. It is also a sign of respect for the food we eat as well as the people who were involved in the process – from the raw ingredients harvested in farms, all the way to the cooked meals on our dinner plates. Here are a few suggestions you can incorporate into the process of deciding enough is enough when it comes to your daily food intake!

Proper Prepping For Meals

Do you often find yourself hurrying to grab anything and everything at the supermarket in the rush to get in and out? Even the ‘just in case’ snacks and fruits that are often overlooked? Most of the time, these unplanned meals lead to unnecessary food waste. Change your methods now and start prepping for your meals better!

What better way to prep for food than by having compartment containers? Compartments generally resemble the best portion sizes for every meal. While they're often meant for kids, lunchboxes can definitely be used as general food dividers with a little bit of creativity and thinking outside the ‘lunchbox’! Imagine having a selection of fruits for snacks while working (and sharing) with your colleagues! This will also cut down on the urge to carry more than you need, therefore cutting down on food waste.

Every meal prep situation requires a trusted cutting board! Did you know that it is recommended that we keep different cutting boards for different types of food? This can help to avoid cross-contamination and keep us healthy and safe! There are also a number of cutting board sizes you can choose from, with differences in length, thickness, and material; and each of these are suitable for different types of food.

CHENGAL CHOPPING BOARD 正艾木立木砧板 - zero waste, compost, compostable, meal prep

Grocery Shopping Bags

A great way to optimise your grocery shopping and not overbuy is by bringing your own grocery bags. List down the foods you need from the mart and train yourself to buy only the things that can fit into the bag you've’s bags are perfect for the job! Aside from being effortlessly fashionable for your ‘running errands’ outfit, you’ll also be playing your part in decreasing food and plastic waste!

PENANLAB - PENAN TOTE - MIXED COLORED (TIFFANY LILAC) -  zero waste, compost, compostable, meal prep  PENANLAB - PENAN TOTE (MIX COLOR - 4) -  zero waste, compost, compostable, meal prep  PENANLAB - PENAN TOTE (MIXED COLOR - 2) -  zero waste, compost, compostable, meal prep

It’s common knowledge that plastics take years to decompose, but did you know that it takes approximately 450 years for plastic bags to break down? This is definitely your calling to start bringing your own reusable bags.

Apartment Composting

Have you ever heard of composting? The composting of food waste has been an integral part of the agricultural world for a long while now. In simple terms, microorganisms in soil will break down the food waste, enriching the soil with nutrients for other plants. You might think that composting in an apartment is not possible, but we beg to differ! Look into the Bokashi method of composting and you’ll change your mind. It’s time your indoor plants get the organic nutrients they need!

SELF-WATERING MEDIUM FLOWER POT 椭圆吸水花盆 -  zero waste, compost, compostable, meal prep  SELF-WATERING BIG FLOWER POT 磨砂自动吸水大花盆 -  zero waste, compost, compostable, meal prep

A vital element of composting is also water. Constant moisture promotes high composting rates which break downs the food waste better! If you get crafty with Aichan_Crafts’ self-watering pots, your well-fertilised plants will also remain hydrated and happy throughout the day!

Small changes in your daily lifestyle can lead to big changes in the world. Play your part and make the change to reduce your food waste. It’s time for us to make a difference!

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