Top Tips To Clean Air At Home: From Room Frangrances to Air Fresheners


As one of the most popular ways to unwind and destress, breathing exercises are an absolute boon to humankind. But in order to breathe right, we need clean air completely devoid of pollution - and that means it's time to break out the soothing room fragrances and calming air fresheners!

Need a choice of products to help you get that cool and crisply clean air in the heart and comfort of your own home? We've got you covered!

ROOM SPRAY - FLOWER (OPEN THE HEART, LOVE, COMPASSION) - 50ML from Ready to Rock - for clean air, fighting air pollution, room fragrance, air freshener ROOM MIST - PURIFY from Rad Alchemist - for clean air, fighting air pollution, room fragrance, air freshener VASE CREATION ORGANIC STRESS RELIEF PILLOW MIST 12ML from Vase Creation - clean air, air, air pollution, room fragrance, air freshener

Room Mists And Air Fresheners

Got guests? If you're in need of a quick fix for clean air at home, the easiest and fastest solution is a room mist. These one-spray air fresheners can really help you to beat the odours - especially if someone's just come home from a run! Other perfectly formulated air fresheners also serve to help set the mood, so if you're ready to indulge in love or vibrancy for an energetic burst, get ready to check out these room fragrances from Rad Alchemist, Ready To Rock, and Vase Creation!

MI CASA ES SU CASA - SIGNATURE SCENT from Dist-; the perfect room fragrance for clean air Me Time Candle from Skynsin Scented Soy wax candle from Siobhan Handicrafts

The Role Of Candles In Room Fragrance

Beyond filling a room with scents to soothe and provide relief as well as comfort, candles also add a delightfully ambient depth to light layering - especially fantastic if you're setting the tone for a comfy and romantic night in. Because they tend to burn for quite a while, candles are great if you want a room fragrance that sustains itself over a few hours, but don't want the hassle of dealing with essential oil droppers and tea light candles. They're also really pretty! We love these delightful options from SkynSin and Siobhan Handicrafts!

Rose Incense Sticks from

Incense For Meditation And Breath Work

Let's get into breath work and meditation! Did you know that both are are a great way to calm yourself down, as well as to ground yourself and truly live in the moment? To get in the mood, light up one of's fantastic handmade incenses and fill the space with a soothing, slightly smoky fragrance! Each stick lasts forty five minutes - and leaves your space awash in rich bold scents that evoke the imagery of the perfect self-care ritual.

Elexia Balance Essential Oils Blend from Elexia Naturals MyShield Essential Oil Blend from Wonderlush

Experiment With Your Own Essential Oil Blends

Clean air is important, but so too is a clean air space! Have you ever gotten to lie down only to be assaulted by the incessant buzzing of flies or mosquitoes? Never fear; essential oil blends have the wonderful ability to provide healing and comfort, whatever your needs may be at present! Here are some blends that are great options for healing your ailments!

Natural insect repellant: Cedarwood and Lavender Essential Oils
Calming scents to relieve anxiety: Lavender, Bergamot, Lemon, and Ylang Ylang Essential Oils
Scents to brighten your day: Lemon, Grapefruit, and Rose Essential Oils
Scents to help with focus: Peppermint, Sweet Orange, and Rosemary Essential Oils

Don't forget to add some plants for that sweet, sweet oxygen!

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