What You Can Do With Your Christmas Leftovers: A Creative Way To Combat Food Waste


Food waste is never a good thing, but altogether too common during times of celebration! Let's cut the waste and handle leftovers the way they deserve to be handled: creatively turned into snacks, treats, or supplementary meals we can enjoy for days!

Malaysia generates approximately 16,688 tonnes of food waste per day. Let's make a change right now!

Mixed Nutty Nuts from Nourish & Nibbs

Keeping It Nutty

Here's one way to make sure you don't end up with a thousand different open bags of snacks: instead of opening separate bags of nuts, open just the one of Nourish & Nibbs' Mixed Nutty Nuts! As a healthy snack, these nuts give you the best of all worlds: whatever nut you want, you've got. And if you've got leftovers? Well, save them for salad bowls!

Handpainted Pepper Grinder (Set of 2) from Studio C

Prep Your Kitchen Space For Greatness

Got leftovers from your grand roast? Shred it up and save it for salads or sandwiches! It's much more fun to get creative and cook when you're surrounded by beautiful kitchen goods. We love these wooden spatulas from The Green Green Shop, as well as these gorgeous hand-painted grinders from Studio C. Wooden boards also feature aplenty on Aichan Crafts, and make the perfect serving platters for your Boxing Day treats!

Hand Drawn 1l Amber Glass Water Bottle from The Cheer Up Store

Organising Your Drinks

Whether you have extra punch or various leftover bottles of wine, it doesn't hurt to consolidate them all into a singular bottle! Pour everything into an amber bottle (We love these from The Cheer Up Store) and store it in the fridge for further consumption. Be sure to adhere to the proper hygienic standards, though!

Freshen Up Your House with Plants!

Hold on up! Don't throw away your steeped tea leaves! Did you know that some plants (azaleas, camellias, and some shrubs) like the tannins in your tea and can actually benefit from them? Don't throw out the bags; the next time you're done drinking your tea, and serving some up for the holidays, set them aside to use the next time your plants are in need of some fertiliser! Remember to do your research ahead of time so you don't end up feeding your plants something to their detriment.

What do you do with your leftovers? Share with us in the comments below!

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