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Why Monae Beauty's Products Are Driven By Wellness (And How It Benefits You)


“I hope that more and more women out there will start to realise that a healthy person is always the prettiest. Never compromise for beauty.”


Monae Beauty founder Joanne Chung

As a certified pharmacist with a Bachelor of Pharmacy from Management and Science University, Joanne Chung is learned in chemicals and biology; as a consumer and a woman who uses cosmetic products on the daily, she is made aware that unnecessary products exist in many beauty products. The power woman believes that everything we use and do is derived of science, citing that we would never be able to extract the essence of raw ingredients without scientific research.

It makes perfect sense then, that she was drawn to the idea of merging the importance of biology with formulation and chemicals for product-health balance.

And so, Monae Beauty was born.

“During with my studies on pharmaceuticals, I gained knowledge and insights on the combination of different chemicals within a product. There are tons of choices for us to create a product with the same effect, and the choices fall in the hands of the companies (that make them).”

With that in mind, Monae Beauty’s ethos was then made clear. Joanne set out with one goal in mind: Creating a Malaysian-made beauty brand with health-first cosmetic products.

“To me, all beauty products and not just wellness-based beauty should have certain health implementations in them.” Joanne’s belief is further expounded upon as one delves deeper into the brand’s pillars, one that challenges the use of harmful chemicals in beauty and wellness products – and for good reason. “Normally, harmful chemicals used in product manufacturing will not cause immediate side effects, but in the long run, will cause skin cancer. Remember: whatever we put on our faces will be absorbed into our skin!”

Blooming Series Lip Velvet by Monae Beauty - monae beauty products, lipstick, korean lip Blooming Series Lip Velvet by Monae Beauty - monae beauty products, lipstick, korean lip

The brand’s Blooming Series Lip Velvet set comes in several shades so you can give yourself the perfect Korean blooming lip!

“I think wellness consideration in products is extremely important as we use so many products in our daily lives.”

Joanne draws inspiration from herself, her family, and her friends, with whom she worked during her pharmaceutical days. With aging serving as a contributing factor to the increasing difficulty of caring for her skin, she nonetheless struck back with panache! “I did some R&D and testing with different raw ingredients,” She recollects. A series of animal-free product testing procedures later, the very first version of Monae Beauty’s Organic Skin Repair Ampoule was born.

Organic Skin Repair Ampoule - Monae Beauty products, beauty, facial, ampoule Organic Skin Repair Ampoule - Monae Beauty products, beauty, facial, ampoule

Monae Beauty’s Organic Skin Repair Ampoule is vastly popular among Joanne’s friends!

“I tried it, and when I was satisfied, I gave it to some of my friends to test,” Joanne says. “They loved it.”

Good to know: An ampoule is a supercharged serum with a higher concentration of active ingredients that you’re meant to use for a finite amount as a booster, or when you’re having a skin crisis of some sort.

Fast forward some time, and Monae Beauty’s range has since expanded. Joanne shares that the brand has released a Lip Velvet designer series in collaboration with The Alley – the first stocks of which sold out within the first week of the product’s release. The brand’s Hydro Emulsion Collagen BB Cushion, however, reigns supreme as the brand popular, though Joanne herself believes her firstborn – her Organic Skin Repair Ampoule – to be their star.

“I believe it will be (so) as it is really good and safe to be used, even by pregnant and lactating women!”

For a brand like Monae Beauty, the concept of sustainability is not merely a faraway dream, nor is it a lofty promise made, but never upheld. Joanne shares that she is personally very attracted to eco-friendly products, and with several ideas in the pipelines to introduce eco-friend options, her brand is well on its way. “We all know that our mother earth is not doing as good as she used to,” She points out. “I’m also well aware that I do not have the power to change the world, but the least I can do is to help the earth in any way, within my range of capability.”

Nonetheless, exciting times to lie ahead for the Monae Beauty brand. Joanne shares that there are several new products coming up, though her lips remain sealed (we’re so excited). “I’ll make sure that Poptron will be the first to get the product on hand!”

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