Yoga for Beginners: Building A Heart Healing Yoga Studio at Home 


“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” -The Bhagavad Gita

In the journey to find Zen, we almost always get caught up in the unavoidable chaos of life. The beauty of Yoga is that it allows us to keep ourselves centred even on these stressful days. As we are still in the midst of COVID with precautions taken to prevent further outbreaks, finding a suitable yoga space can be very difficult.

But, what's stopping you from building your own yoga studio at home? With a new yoga mat and elegant decorations from Poptron, you're just a stone's throw away from feeling calm and at peace even as you work from home!

MOSS Yoga Mat

The most basic and most important aspect of building your home yoga studio is to have high quality yoga mats! The practice of yoga is not merely the act of sitting cross-legged, closing your eyes, and meditating. When done right, yoga can serve as a form of exercise that exercises your body across multiple physical movements and postures. Quality yoga mats help you to maintain your balance and also cushion your joints for every posture you get into. The right mat will also make sure you never slip!

AURORA 2-IN-1 YOGA MAT - yoga for beginners, yoga studio, heart health, relaxation  GLACIER 2-IN-1 YOGA MAT - yoga for beginners, yoga studio, heart health, relaxation

Creating a warm and welcoming studio is very important. Even though you might be the only person utilising the space, having the right vibe and ambiance helps in the process of calming your mind. One of the most common ways to create this calming ambiance is to allow in ample natural light, or even lighting that imitates natural light. Whether through big wide windows or through the doors of your main balcony, natural light will help you to soothe your mind.

Room with ample natural light - yoga for beginners, yoga studio, heart health, relaxation  

Besides that, yoga studios often have a certain scent which helps to slow down our racing minds. Scents like frankincense, lavender, and cedarwood essential oils are a lighter olfactory experience, adding to the calm aura befitting of yoga. Did you know that yoga can also improve heart health? The constant moving and the maintaining of postures trains us to breathe properly, which promotes blood flow and circulation in the body. This simultaneously pumps the heart while also keeping it in good health for the long run. Get yourselves some of these calming essential oils for your personal yoga studio now!

FRANKINCENSE-SERRATA ESSENTIAL OIL - yoga for beginners, yoga studio, heart health, relaxation  Essential Oils by Oilees - yoga for beginners, yoga studio, heart health, relaxation  

CEDARWOOD HIMALAYAN ESSENTIAL OIL - yoga for beginners, yoga studio, heart health, relaxation  Miracolo

What is more beautiful and calming than having some greenery and pop of nature in your yoga space? Did you know the colour green is known to be a relaxing and quiet colour? The essence of nature that it brings into your space is a sure stress-reliever. Although we might not know it, our eyes and minds react positively to green plants, making them a wonderful addition for your yoga space. Take some time to choose suitable indoor plants and they could be your best friends for your home!


Your yoga space is more than just a place. Decorated and used right, your yoga studio at home is where you can allow yourself rest and relaxation from other worldly worries. These minor tips might just elevate your relaxation routine and keep your motivation at your highest! 

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