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Organically Moi's Face Serum has successfully aided many individuals battling their skin problems. Suitable for those with dry-oily combination skin. (check out our Shopee profile for testimonies here: )

- a 5-ingredients face oil: lavender, geranium, tea-tree, vitamin e & sweet almond oil

- certified therapeutic essential oil helps to relax and calm you mentally, helps you wind-down, and promotes deep sleep. 

- the specific blend of lavender, geranium, and tea tree repairs damaged skin, kills pore-clogging bacteria which in turn lessens acne and pimple.

- shrinks acne & pimple rapidly.

- minimizes the visibility of pores.

- light sweet almond oil aid the absorption of essential oils into your skin.  

- lessens pigmentation, dark circles & restores skin's elasticity.

Directions: Use every night on a clean face before bed, apply a 2-3 drops on the face and smooth all over gently with fingers. (use before moisturizer to lock in the goodness!)

Tip 1: use also on hair and rough/dry skin. 

Tip 2: use together with our re-hydrating or anti-aging protein face pack for the ultimate combo!

Comes in 2 sizes of 10ml for RM30 (travel size friendly/tester friendly) and 30ml for RM80 (value for money)

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Organically Moi's Face Serum 10ml

$ 7.23 USD

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