Fantastic High Energy Foods to Kick off Your Ramadan Season

Fantastic High Energy Foods to Kick off Your Ramadan Season

Want to kick off your Ramadan with uplifted spirits and rock star-like energy? You need some high energy foods to keep you going! With Muslims everywhere preparing themselves to engage in the month of fasting, it’s more important than ever to keep your health in check to ensure a smooth sailing Ramadan. 

On that note, here are two food brands to keep on the lookout a while you swim through the Ramadan munchies checklist! 

TheTwoPineapples’ Zesty Array of Malaysian-Inspired and Guilt-Free Treats 

In making their mark in the healthcare and food industry, TheTwoPineapples has proven to be a family-friendly home brand. Co-founded by two sisters, it was founded on the importance of undertaking healthy eating habits, particularly in children; and so they source local ingredients with which to make Malaysian-inspired, guilt-free snacks. 

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We asked the sisters whether they would recommend their products for snacking during the Ramadan season, and they said: definitely! They urge the Muslim community to break their fast with their locally-made tropical dry fruits or any other healthy snacks that they can get their hands on for a fasting month with a more expansive variety. Infused with entirely natural ingredients, their snacks are preservative-free, made without any additional colouring or artificial additives – the perfect high energy foods with which to keep you going. They’re great as natural energy boosters with unique benefits that elevate your health. 

Nutrients for Good Nutrition!

The signature pineapples from TheTwoPineapples (no pun intended) contain bromelain enzymes that are great for fighting inflammation, aiding digestions, and avoiding cancer. Their dry dragon fruit are high in beta carotene, and is excellent for the eyes, infused with essential fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-9. Finally, their mangoes are filled with magnesium and potassium that can help maintain a healthy pulse for an evergreen life. 

A healthy treat befitting Sahur and Iftar 

“You can enjoy these fruit snacks during Sahur or even when you break your fast!” Consuming this different variety of dry fruits in small portions lets you adequately enjoy the health benefits that they provide within small dedicated bites. Besides that, as these snacks come in convenient pack sizes, they are suitable to be brought around anywhere you go, perfect for those who are always on the move! Keeping a few packs in your car or handbag may save you from a delayed ‘buka Puasa’ session. 

Shop The Two Pineapples.

The Good Fat Company: The Health Savant’s Choice

“The Good Fat Company is not just a name for us. It is our commitment to educating everyone on better living through healthier eating, and eating healthier means making better food choices, knowing what your food is made of, to determine whether it is good or bad for you.” 

The products from The Good Fat Company are made with deference to one principle – quality. Their ingredients’ integrity, preparation process, and even packaging exude care and love for the environment. 

The nut and seed butters produced by The Goodfat Company are excellent sources of healthy fats, which are imperative to regulate energy, mood, and weight. During Ramadan, snacking on these butters can help fuel health with plant-based proteins that are versatile and nutritious.

Not only that; there’s also a variety of ways to enjoy them – as toppings, as dips, on their own, or even through an array of delicious curated recipes which you can check out here: The Good Fat Company recipes.

Nutritional Qualities and Delicious Butter

“We want everyone to remember that you can’t spell ‘Nutrition’ without Nut!” Nuts and seeds happen to be rich sources of nutrients like Vitamin E and B6, folic acid, niacin, magnesium, zinc, copper, and potassium. With the absence of any artificial additives or added oil, The Good Fat Company’s butters are powerhouses that pack a serious nutritional punch.

Moreover, the nuts and seeds are loaded with antioxidants, flavonoids, phenols, and polyphenols that boost your immunity. These elements create an interconnected system that works symbiotically to protect your cells from free radical damage. 

Can Be Enjoyed Anytime, Anywhere

Even those who don’t practice fasting for Ramadan can grab a jar and a spoon to enjoy The Good Fat Company’s butter any time! For those who fast, the best time for a spoon is during Sahur and Iftar.

Taken during Sahur, these butters will help to alleviate your hunger throughout the day, besides filling you up with the prior listed nutrients. As for Iftar, nut and seed butters help to stabilise blood sugar and insulin levels whilst giving you a strong feeling of satiety that prevents you from overeating. 

PSA! The Goodfat Company is also launching a limited batch of Pecan Date Butter, specially for Ramadan. 

Shop The Good Fat Company.

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