The Miracolo Story And Why They Are So Much More Than Just Essential Oils

The Miracolo Story And Why They Are So Much More Than Just Essential Oils

The Miracolo story is one worthy of customers of health-focused skincare brands. The brand’s foundations were set down in 2013, purpose-driven to alleviate skin problems and satisfy health-conscious individuals. Miracolo’s product range is filled with goodness, and include a catalogue of clean essential oils and beauty oils.

The founders of the health-focused brand share that starting their own brand has allowed them to vet and go through the proper procedure when thinking of new product lines to ensure that it is safe to use for all.

Health-Focused and Pure Ingredients

It goes without saying that sensitive skin is prone to a variety of irritants that could potentially damage the skin long-term. Miracolo aims to establish a platform that is consumer-friendly with a range of products that are health-focused, vetted, tried, and tested. Most of the testing is carried out by the team, who test out their products on themselves before they are distributed for selling.

So what’s the importance of using natural and organic materials? Miracolo shares that the reason they started off with essential oils is because they wanted to further study the components of natural properties to elevate users’ beauty and health. The folks at Miracolo strongly believe that natural and organic ingredients are the better choice in skincare. Moreover, they emphasise that essential oils are separate from fragrance oils, which often use synthetic chemical ingredients that may lead to detrimental health deficit in the long run.

Miracolo’s mission also falls under educating consumers to learn about the ingredients listed in their products. As such, that they can make better informed decisions and differentiate between products accordingly.

Tried and Tested Using Cruelty-Free Methods

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The founders share that they understand the consumer point of view; after all, they have been consumers themselves. So, before any of their products are distributed to their community, they ensure that they are tried and tested. Quality is the most essential characteristic in a product, and there is no better indicator to improve a product’s quality than through personal experience! This, then, leads to better recommendations for consumers.

Essential Oils That Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are some of the primary effects of busy workdays and responsibilities. The Miracolo team believes that essential oils are a natural remedy, used ovor centuries for any number of ailments. Essential oils are essentially plants extracted from their base form to be repurposed as concentrated essences.

As shared from the Miracolo team, inhaling essential oils are a quick and beneficial way to practice self care. It only takes 22 seconds for their effects to enter the brain, 2 minutes to access the bloodstream, and 20 minutes to enhance the cells in the body. As an example: inhaling lavender essential oil, which has a compound called linalool, can be useful as a means to attain relaxation and counteract stress and anxiety.


That’s one of the reasons lavender essential oil is a popular choice for those who suffer from insomnia, stress, or anxiety. The Miracolo team itself is comprised of avid essential oil users. And though the current pandemic has been emotionally, mentally, and physically draining on most, the team hopes they can be of help by continuing to supply essential oils that bring relief to the mind and body.

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