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At Poptron, we believe in the strength of community. That’s why we want to bring together amazing local brands, much like your own – and together, create a thriving ecosystem of niche products that your customers will find easier, and faster.

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Gain New Customers
Gain New Customers
We’ll market your brand regionally so you can reduce advertising spend.
Free Merchant Tools
Free Merchant Tools
So you can manage and fulfil your customer orders efficiently.
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Go Cross Border
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Our Criteria

All applications are subject to Poptron’s curation and approval. Merchants must also:
Be a registered entity
You need to be a registered business entity in order to sell on Poptron and enjoy services from our service partners.
Clear product price and return policy
You need to have a clear product price and a transparent return policy. This clarifies the product rates and terms with buyers and also avoids any disputes.
No dropshipping
You must own the brand product and must have inventory on hand, with products ready to be shipped.
Beautiful product pictures
You need to have product images that are up to standard. Since buyers won’t be able to touch and feel your products online, we want them to see your products at their best.
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Our Fees : 0% 0% 0% 0%

We believe in supporting our merchants by reducing their cost of doing business.
Poptron Fees


No credit card required

No commissions
No transaction fees
No listing fees
Payment Processing Fees

As Charged

with no mark ups

1.7% - Malaysian Accounts & Cards*
2.7% - Foreign Account & Cards **
RM0.70 - FPX Payments

Got Questions? Here are some answers:

We appreciate brands that are homegrown, socially-responsible, environmentally-friendly, ethically-sourced and cruelty-free. However, we also welcome any brands that fit with our overall vibe of the Poptron community.

We are currently in our development stages! In this time, no membership fees apply to any of our sellers, so you can use the platform for free. There’s work in the pipeline for tiered membership packages, but rest assured that you will still be able to use the platform for free, with certain limitations on platform features.

Merchants will receive payment transferred to their bank accounts 7 days after the customer has received their order with the condition that there are no issues.

Yes. Poptron does not keep stock or take consignment of your products. We are still in talks with several delivery partners to find the best option for our sellers. Delivery features will be integrated into our platform once we’ve locked in a partnership.

For now, we are marketing our platform as well as the brands onboard through our social media channels and marketing through partnerships networks. We are constantly looking for partnerships and opportunities that can benefit both the platform as well as our sellers. We also have regional expansion plans in the pipelines, so stay tuned!

Our focus for now is to provide the best service for your users and the ideal platform for our merchants. Nonetheless, once we have achieved our service target, we will roll out a membership fee for some features as well as advertising models to “make money” and sustain the platform.

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