Dreamcatcher Charm

Dreamcatcher is a fascinating tradition of the Native Americans, intended to protect the sleeping individual from negative dreams while allowing positive dreams to pass through. It is believed that positive dreams would slip through the hole in the center of the dreamcatcher and glide down the feathers to the sleeping person below. Meanwhile, negative dreams would get caught up in the web and expire when struck by the first rays of sun.

In Feithe, we believe quality rest is essential for high productivity and performance, growth, as well as quality lifestyle. We seek to fulfill such intention by introducing our Dreamcatcher Charm, in conjunction with the celebration of Feithe milestone as a brand that was originated from Dreamchaser which used to produce handmade dreamcatcher. We love to remind ourselves of how far we have come in order to continue the history, and to serve you better in the future.

Product Details

- This list is purely for Dreamcatcher Charm only. Product does not come with necklaces and bracelets.

- 14k Gold Filled Stainless Steel

- Tarnish free & hypoallergenic

- Compatible with all other Classique Series products and all Discover Your Gemstone products 

- Length 5cm

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 Feithe, a jewellery brand with intention of empowerment, growth, and self betterment,...
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